Script Library

The Kindness of Strangers – Feature Screenplay

Butch gave up an edgy life as a dueling-piano-bar musician in favor of stability in his marriage, but even that’s on the rocks. His experience of “family” is strained further when he learns that his estranged mother, an aging Broadway star, is terminally ill with a genetically-inherited disease. This pushes Butch to reconnect with his grudge-holding brother so they can retrieve their salty-old-broad mom from New York City and bring her back home in a “borrowed” ambulance.

River of Dreams – Feature Screenplay

A story of healing and redemption for paramedic Simon Richardson. After his young son drowns in his own pool, Simon struggles to find direction in his life and keep his family together. When another young boy, Gabriel, miraculously appears in Simon’s life from 100 years in the past, Simon must choose whether to believe Gabriel’s story and help him find a way home or convince the rest of the family to open their hearts and bring him into their lives.

Glasswing Butterfly – Full-length Stage Play

This full-length play is a beautiful love story, told within a framework of art, logic, madness, and domination. When a young female artist with plenty of talent and passion, yet lacking training and experience, meets a former art professor with Schizophrenia, she embarks on a path toward truth, beauty, and a possible escape from an abusive relationship.