Fresh stories
Real characters
Hope, healing, and heart

I’m ready for real heroes again, aren’t you? I’m ready for hope.  I’m ready for inspiration. I’m ready to write, direct, and produce narrative films, television, and live theatre that rise to that challenge.

The Age of the Anti-Hero (and its splinter group, the Super Hero) brought us all some exciting and challenging entertainment. It may have reflected our collective conscious for the past 20 years. But with all that’s hovering around us now:
… deepening cultural and political polarization
… the lingering pandemic
… a social-media machine that’s overwhelmingly critical and judgmental
it’s time to swing the pendulum back to characters reaching for their white hats.

My work reaches for these goals:
… To lean into the emotional struggles of individuals as a model for humanity in general
… To nurture the connections we have with one another and our natural world. 
… To laugh at the whimsy of being human
… To honor the truth of the Love in the ever-creating Universe
… To tell our stories as we try to move beyond crawling and try to stand on our own.

After a 30-year career in corporate IT, where I led massive projects with complex deliveries involving teams across the globe, I am blending all that practical experience with my creative side. After all, life is mostly about the living, doing, becoming, making, so let’s get our craft going and get to it.

Yours truly,