Production History


The Sound of Your Voice – Short Film

Does surviving adversity together strengthen your bond?

Derek and Sydney grew up together in their small Virginia town. They’ve seen each other through tough times, but after they navigate her teen-pregnancy, and she leaves their hometown for college in the city, they must reconcile the past with their respective futures.

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Winner – Intermediate Film (20 – 40 minutes)

Winner – Best of Festival

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Yours and Mine  – Short Film

Grandpa needs a follow-up visit to his doctor following a serious episode. Grandma might just be a little anxious about it. While they make their way to the doctor’s office, they bicker and pick at each other, as old married folks are inclined to do. The button-pushing goes a bit too far, and it’s up to one of them to emotionally rescue the other in a moment of tenderness and enduring love.

  • 2014 Fort Myers Beach Film Festival, Fort Myers Beach, Florida
  • 2014 Spalding University Film Festival, Louisville, KY


Silverman – 10-minute Play

This drama displays an eleventh-hour stab at forgiveness between a father and a son. Henry Garrett’s days are numbered from living a wretched life, but reconciliation with his son will have to overcome scars from a brutal childhood. However, Sonny Garrett is no boy scout either. Each wrestles with the prospect of putting cruelty behind them so the life they live on this earth can be saved before it’s gone. Humans don’t have nine lives, after all.

Winner of the Best Drama prize
2013 Finnegan Productions’ Festival of Funky, Fresh, Fun
Louisville, KY

Life is But a Dream – 10-minute Play

This comedy tosses reality and identity up for grabs. A handsome young lad paddles a canoe with his beautiful lover across a serene lake (we’ve all seen that cliché). But wait, who’s who, and where’s where? These kids might not be totally who they appear, and trying to figure out who’s sane and who’s not gets to be a bit of a trick.

2012 Finnegan Productions’ Festival of Funky, Fresh, Fun
Louisville, KY

The Da-da, da-da, da-da, da Song – 10-minute Play

This comedy has fun with three different sets of lyrics set to the same children’s tune (Alphabet Song, Ba-Ba Black Sheep, and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star). Three children go off the map trying to resolve the metaphysical, intellectual and blue-collar conflicts between each of their symbolic personalities. Light, funny, and smart, this story appeals to children of all ages, as long as they’re past puberty.

2011 Finnegan Productions’ Festival of Funky, Fresh, Fun
Louisville, KY

Permit to Conceal – 10-minute Play

This drama portrays a tragic result of mountaintop-removal mining in the Appalachian Mountains. While excavating the earth to get to the coal, a bulldozer dislodges a massive boulder, which tumbles down the mountain and crashes into the bedroom of a sleeping child. The troubled family struggles against the coal mining company. And the executives of the company protect their power.

2008 Finnegan Productions’ Festival of Funky, Fresh, Fun
Louisville, KY